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  • Howie Xu

    Howie Xu

    Entrepreneur, Technologist, Investor

  • Synced


    AI Technology & Industry Review — syncedreview.com | Newsletter: http://bit.ly/2IYL6Y2 | Share My Research http://bit.ly/2TrUPMI | Twitter: @Synced_Global

  • Raph Levien

    Raph Levien

    Raph Levien is a software engineer on the Fuchsia team, and creator of xi-editor. Opinions here are his own, not those of his employer.

  • Chen Luo

    Chen Luo

  • Ahmed Gad

    Ahmed Gad

    Looking for a Job//Book Author (4 books)//Researcher in Artificial intelligence, Machine/Deep learning, and Computer Vision. https://linkedin.com/in/ahmedfgad

  • Luis Bermudez

    Luis Bermudez

    Building AI/ML products. More at www.luis-bermudez.com

  • Sree


    I write about all things that interests me.

  • Amber Yust

    Amber Yust

    Privacy Engineering & Manager @Google. EVELink maintainer, Guild Wars NPC, etc. My opinions and comments do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

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